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Family Forensic Evaluations:

  • Custody Evaluation:
    A custody evaluation is conducted when divorcing parents are disputing the legal or residential custody of their children.
  • Parenting Time Evaluation:
    A parenting time evaluation is conducted when a dispute arises as to the parenting schedule, but legal custody is not in dispute.
  • Removal Evaluation:
    A removal evaluation is conducted when one parent wishes to move with the child out of the State of New Jersey and the other parent objects to the move.
  • In Custody, Parenting Time and Removal Evaluations:
    In these evaluations all parents and children are interviewed and evaluated. The parents are observed with their children, and psychological tests are often administered. The interviews cover the current dispute, family and individual histories. Information is obtained from collateral sources, and a report is prepared offering an opinion as to the proposed move.
  • Family Assessment:
    A family assessment is designed to investigate persistent and recurring family problems exist. The goal of the assessment, which involves the entire family, is early identification of problems with the aim of offering solutions. The assessment includes observation of parents and children, information is obtained from collateral sources. Psychological tests are not administered.
  • Bonding Evalation:
    A bonding evaluation offers an opinion as to whether a child or children are bonded to an adult. Interviews and observations are conducted and information may be obtained from collateral sources. The expert prepares a report that describes the level of adjustment and the degree of bonding.

     Family Forensic Evaluations
  • Custody Evaluation
  • Parenting Time Evaluation
  • Removal Evaluation
  • Bonding Evaluation
     Individual Forensic Evaluations
  • Risk Assessment Evaluation
  • Battered Woman's Syndrome
  • Brief Focused Evaluation
     Other Forensic Services
  • Parent Coordination
  • Custody/Parenting Time Mediation
  • Parent/Child Reunification Therapy
  • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
  • Attorney Consultation
    • Testimonials Expert
    • Non-Testimonial Consulatant
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